• Nathan Rudnick

Changing the Paradigm of Plant Packaging

Traditional packaging is just that; traditional. As scientists have advanced the techniques of tissue culture, the public was neglected. We have developed capabilites in lab setting that can allow the weekest of plants to survive and the slowest growing plants to flourish. Relic Culture is currently engadged in producing materials for the consumer market that utilize these incredible technological achievments. Relic Culture has developed the RC1 packaging system to grow plants as a novelty piece for your desk or workspace. The Plants we have selected to grow in our inogural patent pending packaging are generally speaking diminuative species that when placed inside the RC1 package are elevated to growing art. Relic Culture plants will survive in low light settings and should avoid full sun. No watering is necessary or possible. A RC1 plant is the perfect gift for the person that has never been able to keep a plant alive. Questions and comments can be submitted to, we will respond as soon as possible.

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