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About Our Team

The People Behind the Company


Jing Fang

CEO Founder

Before founding Relic Culture Jing obtained her master degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She worked as a consultant for Silicon Valley technology and startup companies. She then left consulting to become a real estate agent. She became a Realtor Magazine 30 under 30 Realtor in 2019. As a real estate agent she built a reputation for strong negotiation skills and comprehensive marketing tactics.
She conceived of Relic Culture through conversations with co-founders Jesse and Nathan regarding tissue culture technology’s lack of use in the consumer market.


Nathan Rudnick

COO Founder

Nathan Rudnick graduated from the University of Wisconsin River Falls with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture biotechnology. Nathan has extensive experience in microbiology, plant tissue culture, human cell culture and genetic engineering from his previous work with DuPont, Pioneer Hybrid, and the Buck Institute.
Nathan is a farmer at heart; he was raised on his family’s farm which still operates in Wisconsin. His lifelong passion has been to use science to provide food for the growing world. He is a futurist with a long view of what is possible, believing food is central to humanity’s future.


Jesse Jones

CTO Founder

Jesse received his B.S. in Horticulture with a specialization in Plant Science and Biotechnology from Delaware Valley University. The bulk of Jesse's experience lies in gene transformation of Soybean and Cacao, however he has passionately worked on carnivorous plant in vitro and in vivo for well over a decade. He has been actively working to develop novel tissue culture methods for Relic Culture.

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